Rao Lab Research Summary_v2

Our research is aimed at discovering, understanding and developing advanced nanomaterials and manufacturing processes for a range of applications including solar energy conversion, catalysis, printed electronics, sensors, and functional coatings. Students and researchers in our lab can expect to work on highly interdisciplinary projects at the intersection of materials science, mechanical engineering, solid state physics, and thermal sciences, as well as new areas such as human-robot interaction.

Research areas:

  • Photoelectrochemical and photocatalytic materials
  • Electrocatalytic materials
  • Printed Electronics, and Inkjet Printing of Materials
  • Sensors and Functional Coatings
  • We are also part of the “Future of Robots in the Workplace – Research & Development Program” (FORW-RD) NSF NRT program, in collaboration with faculty from Robotics.

Industry Collaborators:

  • Raytheon Technologies Research Center
  • Carpe Diem Technologies
  • Eastman Chemical Co.
  • LaunchBay LLC